Hey, I'm Amber, thanks so much for being here. I JUST moved to South Carolina (spring 2023) from Denver, CO, where I've spent the last 14 years. I grew up in New Jersey (uh huh, right by the Jersey shore, I can fist pump with the best of 'em) and a huge part of my heart will always be there. The beach was greatly missed and a life change was being craved, so my family and I decided to head back to the east coast. As a kid, my family and I visited Myrtle Beach in the fall with close friends and we have special memories in this area. There is SO much that I will miss about gorgeous Colorado, but I am so excited to serve this area and host sessions on the beach and other pretty locations. I will STILL be frequenting Colorado, as well as New Jersey, and I will keep everyone posted on when I will be returning, so I can book sessions during those trips. A bit on how I started this photography journey, I picked up a camera about 10 years ago because I wanted to document my kids lives in a storytelling way to be able to share with our family who doesn't have the luxury of seeing them often. After years of photographing my own kids, learning and practicing, I had friends and family telling me I should turn my hobby into a business. This was both scary and exciting. I was nervous, but little by little I worked on creating this business. At first, it was word of mouth from friends and a few years ago I decided to really dive in. Each year this business has steadily grown and I have so much to be thankful for. I put my whole heart into sessions and I am able to deliver fun, heartfelt galleries to my clients for them to treasure. 

About me

Big dreams really can become reality + I still have learning to do and goals to slay!

When I'm not out at sessions, you can catch me home with my family. We like to party, and by party I mean, we blast
music, dance around, and have our friends over for food and dessert. I like to travel and going to more exotic places for travel is big on my to do list.
I am craving it! Music is HUGE for me and concerts are like my church. The feeling I get at live shows is something I can't really put into words, but it is SUCH a happy place for me. My favorite artist for the past few years has been Bryce Vine, I can listen to him over and over and never get sick of it! I'm always down to pull my speaker out at sessions and have a dance party!

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